Useful Links for driving directions, telephone numbers, hotel rates and international exchange rates - worth a bookmark!

Where am I going and how do I get there?
Printer friendly maps and step by step driving instructions to anywhere you want to go! A real time saver.

What IS that telephone number??
Tons of phone number/address/zip information. Domestic and International.

What's the area code for...?

Find that obscure area code for your pal in Fargo, ND, or International country code for your Aunt Harriet in Guam.

What time is in...?

Find out the current time in other parts of the world...before you accidentally wake up Aunt Harriet at 2:00 am!

How do I dial an intn'l number to...?

What to drop, what to to get through successfully.

What's the currency/exchange rate in...?

Make sure you have the right kind of cash before leaving!

Where am I gonna stay...?
The absolute best rates for Hotels anywhere...try it, you won't believe it!!